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Essentially VAT is all about collecting taxes on behalf of the Government, so it is an important task to get right! For many businesses, though, it does represent an onerous and time-consuming task – which is where we come in.

For smaller and new businesses, timing your VAT registration is important as it impacts on your cashflows. We can help time your registration so it works best for you.

On-going, we can prepare your records for your VAT returns, or can prepare your returns and file them on your behalf. If you prefer to do them yourselves and just ask for us to cast an eye over them to ensure they are correct, we can do that too.

Making payments on time is also critical – but making sure you’ve not paid too much is as important to your business. Identifying potential refunds, and ensuring you’re not paying too much tax, is a topic at the very front of our accountants’ minds!

As with all our services, you can pick and mix which ones suit your own business – we can put together a unique, tailored package of accountancy services designed to work and deliver for your business.

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